A Tiny Existence Kristen Webb Wright
A Memoir in Journal Entries
Kristen Webb Wright


THE YEAR I TURNED THIRTY, I decided to start paying attention. I started making a record of my days in the hope of remembering the small things, the particulars.”


A Tiny Existence: A Memoir in Journal Entries chronicles the seven months Kristen Webb Wright spent recording the details of her daily existence in her journal. After a miscarriage the previous year, Wright’s reaction to the ordeal prompted her to “set out on a quest to understand [herself] better.” A Tiny Existence: A Memoir in Journal Entries is the result, offering an intimate and honest exploration of her pursuit to trace out meaning and beauty in the routine of the everyday.

It’s easy to be a bystander in your own life, to sit on the outside, looking in. The years pass, we sink into routines; we glide on, in a state of functioning unconsciousness. In the midst of our busy routines, we miss the beauty. We miss it because we forget to be intentional about seeing it. So let us not forget to appreciate this moment. Savor it, remember it. Be present. Be mindful. Start paying attention.”